Brockway Biggs is your boyfriend

Posted: January 21, 2011 in Uncategorized
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He sent me a copy in the mail, and I smiled when I opened it. When the first few beats hit I turned that shit up loud, and started to feel like I was twelve years old again.

The 2011 Canadian Rap Future Superstars compilation is taking me way back. This boyfriend I had then introduced me to hip hop. You know, the real. He had so many tapes! His selected highlights were amazing; songs that are still with me, music that changed my life.

So that’s what Brockway Biggs just did. Collected some sweet ass highlights from the Canadian Rap landscape. Giving me that discovering-good-music feeling. Reminding me to pay more attention.

The rappers are from all over, and the liner notes let you know where everyone is from – even if it’s two places – like Metawon (Calgary/Vancouver) and Plex (Edmonton/Toronto). Brockway Biggs p.k.a. Pimp Tea (Fredericton/Ottawa) knows what that’s like, and as a (Burlington/Montreal/Winnipeg/Vancouver) girl, I appreciate it.

Free for all to download here.

  1. MC says:

    It’s Pimp Tea, not Pimp Pea.

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